Online defamation and cyber-blackmail

by Jeffrey Herschel Lipton

One can search the words: fraud, scam, offshore alerts, online defamation and realize that it is far more than someone just posting false statements online as a method of retaliation.

In some cases, the online antagonists are individual(s) who search the internet for situations where they can ransom another person’s reputation for financial gain. They scour court cases and newspapers online to find new victims to intimidate and attack. They are professional, cyber-criminals who seek to permanently damage and destroy a person or business for their financial gain.

I, Jeffrey Lipton of Barbados, am a victim of such online harassment, blackmail and coercion.

In this particular instance, the cyber-criminals funded their crime in two ways. They initially contacted the plaintiffs in a court case they read about online. They promised to get justice if the plaintiffs sent money to fund the private investigation. They proffered conspiracy theories and false hope of getting restitution.

The money sent from the victims would fund the fraudulent alert sites, the courier packages and the costs of maintaining the online platforms. Once the plaintiffs sent their money, they were couriered a report full of false claims and “official looking” documents to support the claims. See the below “Cautionary Advice to Reader” as the warning printed on the last page of that report. This should have been enough for most individuals to realize they were delivered a dubious and suspect package.

Once funded, the perpetrator contacted me, hoping I would agree to their terms in order to avoid an online smear campaign and to avoid them reporting me to the US Justice Department, the RCMP, the Barbados Police, Interpol, Israeli Police Financial Crime Units, the list goes on.

The package I received was different from what the “victims” received. It also contained completely incorrect and untrue opinions stated as facts, doctored filings and corporate documents, false claims, references to ponzi schemes, conspiracy, fraud, all presented as an “investigative” report that would be released if I didn’t comply with their form of “remedial justice”. It included photos of my residence and business, the corporate auditor’s building and my family members’ homes.

The below letter was included in the package that was covertly delivered in the middle of the night at my corporate address.

I reported the incident to the police in Barbados and in Canada. I also sought a legal opinion at the time and told to ignore as the information was all untrue with no substantive proof existing to corroborate their claims. I had nothing to fear as all the claims and accusations in the report were speculation and theories presented as facts. I was counselled not to subject myself to their fear-mongering and blackmail attempt.

It didn’t stop though. The matter escalated and my family, friends and associates were then sent the same copies of the document package. I feared for their safety.

A second letter to me with the next series of threats quickly followed. After the first incident, we had surveillance cameras installed at the corporate address and we captured the below on camera. I reported it again to the police.

I could never succumb to the aggressor’s request for restitution as no such hidden funds ever existed in the first place. All of their allegations made references to huge sums of money being held offshore but no court findings ever found any liabilities or unaccounted funds. There was no ponzi scheme, no fraud, no conspiracy, no hidden money. There never was any money hidden anywhere.

As a result, the sites were launched and the damaging investigative report was posted online.

A quick online search reveals that the contact email provided was hosted with an anonymous, Russian provider, and the web servers were hosted with CCIHosting, a offshore hosting provider.

Since then, I have spent large sums of money on defamation lawyers and reputation management providers, in an attempt to have the offending sites removed from the google searches. The burden of proof, time and costs to do so are high with no guarantee of success. Initially, we were able to infiltrate the offending websites and get some details on the perpetrator but the sites would quickly get locked down only to pop up somewhere else.

I will be forever linked with the fund group that supplied Ron Ovenden’s New Solutions company with $54 of $200 million USD that was mismanaged by New Solutions and caused massive losses to shareholders. The New Solutions situation is of public record, the final findings of the Ontario Securities Commission, the Court Appointed Monitor and the Supreme Court of Ontario, Canada are both final and public. Neither Jeffrey Lipton nor Permanent Value (the Manager) have ever been found to have erred or in any way considered other than as a creditor of New Solutions. At no point was any fault ever afforded to the manager nor its employees whatsoever and after years of forensics no funds were found “missing”. Please refer to the factual reports of the Court Appointed Monitor at

I stand behind my personal and professional reputation. Those who know me, immediately dismiss the online fraud sites as false. Most can quickly ascertain that the information posted on these anonymous sites are all conjecture simply by the way the information is presented. And it that wasn’t enough, the sites invoke biblical scripture with the perpetrator identifying itself with being “god’s servant for your good…carrying out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.” A final call to arms to further prey on their victims.

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